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What’s new on the farm…

by Keri - September 4th, 2010.
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Well the goat kidding season has come and gone. We ended up having 5 goat kids, 1 girl and 4 boys. We sold one of our milk goats Nilla the white Saanen and her daughter goat kid about a month ago. The 4 remaining boys are growing well and getting bigger. We’re looking to sell them and may have a buyer lined up.

I decided to downsize our chicken flock, so I sold 10 chickens. We now have 15 chickens and we’re still getting about 8-10 eggs a day. It’s like we didn’t even down size! In fact I think egg production has ramped up since then.

Our business LakeNet, LLC is doing great. We have about 20 customers now and hope to get more in the near future. We are going to do another set of postcard mailings to our surrounding area and see if that will draw some more business. We also are launching our own home phone service through our internet service. So we’re hoping that will be attractive to our customers as well.

As some of you may or may not have known over the last 3 years Chris and I have struggled with infertility. Earlier this year I changed doctors and started seeing a specialist in Dearborn, MI. He discovered a condition that I have. In June I underwent a surgical procedure. Since then I have been taking medication to try and combat the diagnosis. In October I will undergo a second surgical procedure. Due to all the medical complications that are going on with me,  we have made the decision to pursue Adoption as our plan to have a family. We have signed up with an adoption agency out of Flint, MI and are in the process of completing our home study, we just had our first visit with our assigned social worker on Friday and we’re in the process of getting all of the paperwork completed. They are telling us it could be as soon as 2-4 months or it might take 9-10 months, it just depends on how many babies come to the agency. We are pursuing an infant adoption.  What that means is that we will be able to bring our baby home directly from the hospital, in most cases. Chris and I are both very excited about this and look forward to growing our family. I have attached some pictures below of the nursery that we have setup.

When we made the decision to adopt and found the agency I started to look on Craigslist for good used baby items. I ended up finding a nice quality oak crib, mattress, wardrobe and changing table/dresser down in Holly, MI. Chris and I went a few weekends back and picked it up, We got a great deal on it and it’s a super nice set. Last weekend I found a good deal on the brand of carseat and stroller that we wanted and we went out to Clio and purchased it from a couple. We decided we’d rather buy used than new and save a bundle of money and put it towards other things, such as the cost for the adoption. My mom and sister have helped as well, they have bought a bunch of baby clothes on season clearance as well as diapers, wipes etc. so that if the baby comes sooner than we thought we’ll be already prepared.  My plan is to take off probably 12 weeks from work once the baby arrives and then go down to working part-time. Chris will probably take 6-8 weeks off from work when the baby arrives.  We are also very excited to share this information with you as our friends and family and we look forward to everyone meeting our baby when he or she comes to be home with us.

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