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Goats Milk 101

by Keri - June 17th, 2010.
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Tonight I decided now that the kids were a full 24 hours old, that we should probably milk Nilla to both relieve a little pressure on her udder and to make sure that her milk supply is coming in for the kids to ensure they are having enough to drink.

I wasn’t really sure how easy it was going to be since I’ve never milked anything in my life, but surprisingly it went quite smoothly, thank goodness!

We weighed the milk and got 1lb of fresh milk. I’m going to freeze the milk that we get from her for the first week or two to have on hand for the next sets of kiddings, just in case it’s needed we’ll be able to thaw it out and use it.

First goats milk from Nilla 24hrs post kidding.

First goats milk from Nilla 24hrs post kidding.

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