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by Keri - May 1st, 2010.
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Sorry we know that we haven’t posted anything on here since February, crazy huh! Well this is just going to be a quick post to update everyone about the goings on here at the farm.

Our 10 baby chicks are about 8 weeks old now, haven’t posted any pics of them yet, but hopefully will.

We have 3 pregnant goats! Nilla is due June 17, Peanut is due July 12 and Cocoa is due July 24. All of these dates are probably within a week or so of when they will actually have the ‘kids.’ The way Nilla is looking I would guess at least twins for her, her belly is getting quite big with babies, just can’t wait till they get here, then the real work starts with milking her daily and twice daily bottle feedings for the kids.

When we moved into our house our backyard area that we had fenced in didn’t really have a lot of grass planted in it because the previous owner had put a lot of fill dirt in it because of drainage issues. So a few weeks ago we decided to go ahead and get the leaves picked up, we used a dethatcher and then we used a spreader to put out grass seed and fertilizer. Our backyard is starting to look more like a usable backyard by the minute.

We also planted about 50 new pine trees in the front yard area, as well as out by the road. We found a good deal a few weeks back at Home Depot. The trees were in gallon pots and were probably a few years old and had about half inch diameter stalks. Eventually they will provide the privacy that we would like to have.

If all that wasn’t enough, in the mean time we decided to go ahead and start up a company. Since we live out in the sticks the one thing that we did when we moved here was put up a ham radio tower so that we could get high speed internet. The only problem was that the company we could get it from, proved to be quite unreliable with service and the speeds that we were getting from them were not to our liking. So Chris being the big geek that he is decided he could start up his own wireless internet service provider company.  Back at the first part of March we upgraded our tower and added more height to it so that it’s now 120 feet tall. I’m sure later Chris will put up a post with more specifics on this but I’m not the one with technical skills great enough to explain the workings of the wireless internet aspect so I will leave that up to him. Last week we started to install our first customer, as of right now we have 3 customers with several more lined up to install in the next few days. I take care of the billing aspect of the company while Chris takes care of the installing part.  We named the company LakeNet, LLC. The slogan I came up with for the business is: “Locally grown high-speed Internet.” We do have a website although it’s not complete yet, but feel free to check it out at

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have a chance to get some pictures up here. Definitely by the time goat babies get here there will be pics of those up!

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